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Hot Topic: The Bunya Bunya tree

Friday, January 11th, 2013 | Posted by

The Barlow project is being compelled to build an ADA compliant crosswalk where a landmark tree stands, a Bunya Bunya that many are convinced Luther Burbank planted at the eastern entrance to Sebastopol. Arborists and engineers say the tree cannot be saved if the crosswalk is built. The City of Sebastopol and CalTrans requirements demand the crosswalk be built to the specifications that require the tree removal.

Local social media is bursting with ideas on how to save Sebastopol’s landmark Bunya Bunya tree from the chainsaws, although some sound costly. We approached some individuals to ask what they thought about the project. Three people declined to offer an opinion because they felt they needed to learn more.

“It costs us more to cut down something that is so valued for the sake of money.” Ken Rose, Sebastopol

“I prefer that they don’t cut down the tree.” Susan Shaw, Sebastopol

“It would be great if they don’t have to cut it down. It would be a shame to lose the tree.” Olivia Foster, Sebastopol

“Keep the tree. Screw them.” George Zakaria, Sebastopol

John Eder and Sarah Gurney, both on the Sebastopol City Council, did not offer opinions but pointed out that regardless of what happens Wednesday when the Tree Committee of the Planning Department takes up the issue, it is likely to be appealed to the council. The meeting begins at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 16, at City Hall.



  • Eric Poulsen

    Much prefer we save the tree and modified the crosswalk accordingly. Biggest challenge is to get drivers to be aware of pedestrians whether a crosswalk exists or not.

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