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Protest planned at CVS Pharmacy in Sebastopol

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 | Posted by

Occupy Sebastopol is organizing a picket and protest outside of Sebastopol’s CVS Pharmacy in the Redwood Market Center at 788 Gravenstein Hwy. N on Saturday, Jan. 19 from 2 to 4 p.m. The picketers intend to protest the lawsuit CVS filed against the City of Sebastopol on Christmas Eve.

The CVS suit seeks to void a 45-day moratorium on issuing permits for facilities that have drive-through windows until the city council can study the effect of such construction. CVS claims the ban is specifically aimed at their project planned in the center of town at the old Pellini Chevrolet building. The project was controversial among other reasons because it is at a very busy intersection.

The protesters say they wish to educate the public about the lawsuit and the issue of the CVS planned project. They are calling on customers to boycott CVS unless it withdraws the lawsuit. The city has until Jan. 24 to respond to the suit.


  • Itsme

    Just like the Occupy people. If someone or some company they perceive as their “opponent” exercises their LEGAL RIGHT, in this case to take an issue to court, Occupy protests.

    Occupy would have their opponents denied their legal rights, preferring to adjudicate matters on the sidewalks with protests, slogans and boycotts. But why should that surprise anyone? Occupy and MoveOn and their allies are as lawless as they come.

    • Village Idiot

      . . . so, let’s see if I understand: CVS is behaving lawfully by exercising its LEGAL RIGHT (caps in the original) to sue the city (and by implication its citizens and taxpayers), but Occupy and MoveOn, by exercising THEIR legal (Constitutional) First Amendment rights to assembly, free speech and protest, are “as lawless as they come”??? That’s sounds about as stupid as they come.

    • Ken Harrison

      Exactly. They want to use their right of free speech to trample on someone else’s right to legal process. However, someone else’s “rights” stop when they are being used to deny my rights. They want mob rule.

  • David

    It’s fairly clear CVS does not understand the demographics of the town they are attempting to establish themselves in.

  • Skippy

    Hose ‘em down and help keep the streets clean.

  • Loel Hoffmann

    Itsme: You’ve got it all wrong. Our country was founded on the principals of free speech and democracy, and these protesters are exercising that right. We the People did NOT want CVS to move into the old Pellini’s- because they are a greedy corporate entity who pays low wages and few if any benefits to their part-time employees, and CVS does not support the local economy by offering locally made products. That they want to put a drive-thru pharmacy in that location is laughable- are they blind, or just in denial of the traffic congestion that it will cause there? I honor these protesters: for their courage to stand up to this corporate greed, and for the common sense of supporting the local economy and the will of the people. They are the Real Americans.

    • Mikayla

      Seriously? They choose to protest CVS, but not Rotten Robbie’s, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Safeway?

  • marni

    excuse ME!!?? “As lawless as THEY come”??…please….give ME a break!…obviously, any store, any big box, any Business…can, and Should come into town….Because ALL that matters, according to YOU, is the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!
    i forgot!!!! CAPITALISM AT ALL COST!! geez….
    just another one of those lawless citizens who might want SOMETHING ELSE!! thank you!

  • Left Bank

    It’s too bad you don’t hold the first amendment in the same high regard you probably hold the second.

  • http://N/A Dave

    Well Loel and Marni, you two are so damn smart why don’t you guys front the pennies that you and your cronies posses and renovate that site yourselves? You can’t you say? Well, then tell me who does have the money? That’s right, the greedy fat-cats. Rich people/fat-cats sign your paycheck not poor people like you. They also have the whereabouts and money to turn a dump into a great place. Boy you Libs are sure stupid…Like the comedian Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid!” And stupid you people are.

  • Local-yocal

    I agree with David, and loel, that’s a realy dumb place to put a business like that. I don’t know of any business that would not have issues with that location, it’s crazy! I don’t care if there’s a drive thru or nor, but I do care if its going to cause more traffic problems in that area. I can’t count how many signal lights I have gone thru just to get thru that intersection, because its such a high traffic area.
    The one way streets are limiting enough, trying to get into and find a parking place at Whole Foods is a joke most the time, if it weren’t for my handicap place card I would never get a parking space. Just saying, one reason I don’t go there as much as I would like.

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