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Spotted: Protest in Sebastopol

Monday, January 21st, 2013 | Posted by

Protesters gathered at CVS Jan. 19, calling for a boycott until the company withdraws its lawsuit against the City of Sebastopol. (Photo courtesy of Thomas Morabito)

  • ron

    Makes me want to do them more business! So these “people” would rather drive to Santa Rosa? = send potential tax revenue to Santa Rosa instead of Sebastopol.

    • Dale

      I so agree with you, Ron.

    • Rick

      They are against bringing essential services to downtown, even though these same people were for it when the Greens ran for City Council.
      Why aren’t these same people protesting against that terrible, Texas based company with hundreds of stores nationwide, whose President calls Obamacare Fascism, which caters to rich people by selling essential goods at exorbitant prices and whose architecture is not in harmony with the rest of downtown Sebastopol’s? Oh yeah, that would be Whole Foods and Whole Foods is OK because it sells soy lattes.

      • kb

        Rite aid is downtown already.

    • kb

      We have other stores that sell the same things in Sebastopol, and if CVS is suing the city, we can boycott CVS. CVS is just being a bully. We don’t want them downtown. They are already in a strip mall less than a mile from the proposed location and doing fine.

  • http://None Dave

    Other fine example of the minority trying to overpower the majority…

  • Mikayla

    People of Sebastopol =so ridiculous.
    I can’t believe I still work in this town.

  • JD

    We should be protesting the eyesore abandoned auto dealership that has now sat there at the entrance to classy Sebastopol for five years. By the way, love the architectural design at The Barlow. Sort of an oil change look meets Quonset hut meets abandoned steel mills of Gary, Indiana. Surprised they didn’t just put up tents.

  • Len

    Same 25 folks creating a non-event. Move them and their “occupy Sebastopol” behind the fence on the Pellini lot; both look atrocious.

  • Evelyn Connaway

    Rick – In regard to CVS, many of us in Texas do not like CVS. I changed to an independent drug store, who delivers my prescriptions and doesn’t automatically renew them, CVS does whether you want them or not. They try to take over the small towns in Texas, like the other big corporations.

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